Test & Measurement - Now Offered by Tektronix

Tools designed for use in ingest, transcoding, archive and certification/compliance operations

Aurora - automated QC for file-based media

AutoFix - broadcast standards test & correction for editing, including Final Cut Pro

Player - Now Offered by Tektronix

Designed for playback of file-based media

Hydra - frame-accurate playback of video, audio and caption/subtitles

Co-Developed Custom Solutions

Genesys Family

Genesys is a powerful signal generator which can be hooked up to a Dual Beam LBR or Electron Beam Recorder (EBR). Genesys is flexible enough for a wide variety of uses, and was designed specifically to assist with the development of future high density recordable and pre-recordable formats, both for optical media and next-generation hard disk drive development.

Consulting, Custom Development and Services

Whether you're looking for a custom server or a custom format, DCA offers consulting on site or via conference call to discuss and work out your specific needs. We will evaluate your requirements and prepare a report that outlines the resources, features, and a plan needed to implement a successful solution.

Media Manufacturing Solutions

Class A Lab Tools

UDF Verifier validates the file system (Book 2) for Blu-ray ROM media

Blu-ray Video System Verifier validates Blu-ray video content (HDMV and BD-J) against the Book 3 specification.


DCA has a family of products that support multiple platforms and input devices, transfer job volumes and analysis requirements to ensure that a DDP® or CMF fileset is ready for mastering. All of DCA's products fully support HCRC verification for robust comparison of replicas to the gold reference value.

Load/Transfer, Analysis, Encryption, Verify/Comparison


Viper is DCA's next generation pre-mastering tool, providing transfer, analysis and HCRC verification for CD, DVD and Blu-ray images and replica. Viper can optionally complete the encryption for AACS or CSS, and offers complete integration with Commander Archiver and Commander Scheduler.

Viper Tools

DLT Creator - Allows the user to create DLT copies of DVD DDP 2.x or CMF 1.x file sets, placing each layer on a separate DLT tape.

DDP/CD-Text Editor - A simple editor for DDP or CMF files for CD/DVD images, including the DDPID/MS and PQ_DESCR files. Includes the ability to create or edit the CDTEXT.bin file for the file set.

Sector Viewer - A side-by-side hex view of two images, synchronized at a specific sector address.

DDP Audio Converter - Allows CD DDP audio images to be converted to MP3, FLAC, BIN/CUE or WAV. Additionally, the tool converts the CD-Text and ISRC values (from PQ_DESCR) to ID3 tags (in MP3 outputs). Users can also edit the ID3 tags directly.

DDP Preview/Playback - Allows CD or DVD DDP images to be mounted within Windows, as if the disc was in an optical disc drive. Playback can be performed using any available media player on the system.

DDP Playable Disc Creator - Creates a playable copy of non-copy protected CD or DVD images onto CD-R or DVD+/-R media. Can output to a local drive or a Rimage robot on your network.

EFM Comparison Tool

EFM Decoder

HCRC verification for EFM sources, such as LBR return output and stamper player spigots with support for CD & DVD.

Mastering (Formatters, Signal Processing)

Titan Mastering Family

DCA's latest mastering system, with support for all formats (Blu-ray, DVD, CD and China HD), all available from a unified user interface. Titan is also available with integration with either the DCA B1 series encoder or the Pit O'Resc encoder, allowing for your choice of pit shaping technologies.

Recordable Formatters

The DCA Recordable Formatter allows you to create the signals for recordable CD, DVD, and Blu-ray formats.

Plant Management

DCA plant management solutions can provide you the hardware, software and most importantly, performance tuning and configuration you need for network mastering. By utilizing a DCA solution, you are taking advantage of DCA's years of industry and network experience.

DCA offers the following Plant Management solutions: