UDF Verifier

UDF Verifier validates the file system for HD DVD-ROM, HD DVD-RAM, 3x DVD-ROM and Blu-ray ROM.

The DCA UDF Verifier ensures that images & replicas comply with the File System specifications for either HD DVD-ROM, HD DVD-RAM or Blu-ray ROM. UDF Verifier is approved by the DVD Forum for use with HD DVD family products.

Users may select Image, Optical Drive, or DDP inputs. Rule Files are available for HD DVD-ROM, HD DVD-RAM, 3X DVD-ROM, and Blu-ray ROM.

It has an easy to use, intuitive interface which requires minimal user training. The application is rule based, which means users can configure which rules will be used for a particular test run. Additionally, a rule based test methodology allows a user to configure the error severity level: abort, error, warning, information, flag.

UDF Verifier displays errors with their location in the File system, allowing quick finds and fixes. The exact rule definition from the specification is shown as well.

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