DCA Plant Mangement

DCA plant management solutions can provide you the hardware, software and most importantly, performance tuning and configuration you need for network mastering. By utilizing a DCA solution, you are taking advantage of DCA's years of industry and network experience.

DCA Offers the following Plant Management Solutions

DCA Networking Information

DCA networking solutions have set the industry standard for performance, capacity and reliability. DCA customers implementing our networking products and services have seen their daily LBR yields go from 83% to 99% on a regular basis.

If you are looking to generate more mastering production while also raising LBR yields, then turn to DCA for a custom tailored solution. Even if you have your own internal IT staff, DCA can often deliver a more robust, cost-effective solution. While the technology is the same whether configured by your IT group or DCA, it is the optical disc mastering experience that allows DCA to tune and calibrate the system for your mastering needs.

DCA networking can be provided for any sized Replicator, both large and small. We have designed and delivered turn-key network solutions supporting up to 5 LBRs cutting at 3R DVD and 5 image loaders loading at 3R DVD concurrently as well as single LBR solutions with one network loading system. So, whether you are new to network mastering or you want to maximize your existing network efficiency, DCA has the expertise and experience to guide you safely through the process of implementation.

Networking solutions can integrate multiple systems, such as Titan, Viper, Commander Archiver and Commander Scheduler with a stand-alone server into a networked system to increase efficiency and automate your mastering production.