Server Solutions

DCA Server solutions provide reliable high speed throughput.

DCA performs extensive performance testing on our servers to ensure high-speed, reliable network mastering. Our solution resolves network bottlenecks and pitfalls that most often lead to blown budgets and production downtime.

With DCA server solutions, you get into production faster, avoid costly mistakes associated with untested networks, and start realizing a quicker return on investment. As your production needs increase, our designs provide a smooth path to increased production capacity without losing your original network investment.

We build our servers to handle DVD and Blu-ray’s much higher network resource requirements (e.g., server storage space and network bandwidth). DCA servers provide a safe and cost-effective entry point for network mastering and an architecture with virtually unlimited scalability that maintains your current investment.

DCA has designed and delivered turn-key servers with SCSI RAID storage of over 16 TB (Terabytes). DCA can deliver all the equipment you need to support future growth.

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