Management Team

DCA maintains three discrete business units, each focused on a separate segment or industry. All business units report to the CEO and President of DCA.

Media Manufacturing Solutions (MMS)

The longest existing business unit, and the foundation of what DCA has become today, Media Manufacturing Solutions develops pre-mastering, mastering and plant management solutions for the optical media industry, particularly plant operations focused on delivering CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc products, as well as OEMs serving those plant operators. Products include Titan, Viper and Commander.

Co-Developed Custom Solutions (CDS)

A business created to support customers who prefer to have a long-term partner in developing new technology paths related to spinning media recording techniques. CDS products include the XBOX game disc format & tools and the Genesys reference signal processor and format design suite.

Digimetrics (DMS)

Focused exclusively on test & measurement of file-based media, particularly file-based QC solutions, Digimetrics' customers include IP, cable and broadcast providers worldwide with products including Aurora, Hydra and Eos.

Doug Carson

CEO and Chairman of the Board; Business Unit Manager, Co-Developed Custom Solutions

Having been in the optical disc industry since 1981, Doug Carson founded DCA in 1988 to provide world class signal processing systems to the optical disc manufacturing industry. Doug was instrumental in establishing DCA's DDP (Disc Description Protocol) as the de facto industry standard for exchanging data from authoring to mastering. His vision for format design continues to provide the only set of tools expressly available for that purpose in Genesys. Doug continues to set the vision and course for DCA.

Doug focuses his attention on technical issues and future technologies, as well as heading the Co-Developed Custom Solutions unit.

Mike Griffith

President and COO; Business Unit Manager, Media Manufacturing Solutions

Michael R. Griffith joined DCA as President and COO in March 2000. Mike brings 25 years of experience in the finance industry to DCA. Mike has been indirectly involved in a number of roles with DCA since its inception in 1988. His managerial and operational experience matches perfectly with the vision and future plans of DCA, Inc.

Mike focuses on day-to-day operational and financial performance for DCA.

Henry Boon Kelly


Boon Kelly has been involved in the optical disc industry for over 20 years developing equipment used in the direct manufacturing and verification of optical discs. He was involved in the design of the first industry standard protocol for transporting CD-ROM content to manufacturing which helped to streamline the manufacturing process. He continues to be involved in developing the protocols that have been used for DVD and HD DVD. He has also been heavily involved in several copy protection mechanisms for optical discs including CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, as well as other proprietary optical disc formats. He also has been involved in the development of test specifications for verification of HD DVD File System and Video application layers.

Boon holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (with Computer Engineering option) and a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA. He has also been granted several US patents used in the optical disc industry.

Boon focuses on technical strategy & architecture for the company.

Eric Carson

Business Unit Manager, Digimetrics

Eric Carson joined DCA in March, 2005. Eric's previous experience comes from the securities & finance industry. His education includes a B.A. degree with emphasis in economics from Bethel College. Since joining DCA, Eric has been involved with the development of the HD DVD & Blu-ray formats, including file system & video system verification, AACS encryption, pre-mastering, mastering and plant management. In 2008, Eric developed the Digimetrics business unit, focused on file-based QC test & measurement solutions for the IP, cable and broadcast video industries.

Day-to-day focus for Eric includes worldwide sales and support functions, as well as product design & engineering direction for all Digimetrics products, as well as OEM integration and reseller management.

Bryan Whitfield

Director of Engineering, MMS and CDS

Bryan Whitfield has over 20 years of experience in information technology, software development, and management. Bryan specializes in high performance server and network-based computing solutions as well as designing information systems for accounting , manufacturing, and service/support oriented processes. His experience comes from a cross section of industries including multi-national Fortune 500 corporations to founding an Internet services company in 1995. After earning his B.S. from Oklahoma State University in 1985, he has worked for NCH Corporation in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Owner/Founder of Online Galleria Internet Services in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and at DCA for the last 10 years.

Bryan is directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of the DCA engineering group, as well as serving as the lead technical contact for development of plant management solutions.

John Queen

Product Release Manager, MMS and CDS

John joined DCA in 1998. Prior to DCA, John's previous work experience was with a software imaging company located in Stillwater, OK where he worked as a project manager for four years.

John Queen received the B.S. degree in Management Science Computer Systems (MSCS) and Business Administration, from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, in 1990.

John leads the team responsible for quality assurance testing of all DCA products and all factors of the product release process, including beta tests, release candidates and final 'gold' releases.