Representing an entirely new concept for signal processors, Genesys is the recognized leader for research and development of signals for magnetic and optical disc formats. Traditional signal processors are restricted to generating signals for mastering of defined formats or patterns for a set recording machine. Development for new or future formats has thereby been limited by the traditional signal processor's shortcomings:

  1. lack of flexibility and capability to generate the signals required to test and prove new formats, and
  2. inability to drive recording on machines other than the original intended recorder.

Since its' inception in 1999, the Genesys reference signal processor system has been designed to assist format creators, designer and engineers in answering important questions such as:

Genesys consists of not only hardware, but also design tools for control over the behavior of the Genesys system.

Genesys is available in two configurations, with the original Genesys being developed specifically around optical media, while Genesys 2 was designed with magnetic, holographic and optical media in mind.

More information on both configurations can be found here: