Genesys 1

Genesys 1

The original Genesys system has been used in the development of DVD, HD DVD, HD recordables, BD recordables, HD VMD and UDO formats, among many others.

Formats can be easily laid out using the Design File Sequencer, an application for the ordering of Image File Sets for the Genesys Signal Generator. Sequencer does not have actual knowledge of any particular format being created, but instead serves the vital role of sequencing and monitoring all the various tasks that you, as the format designer, have deemed important. The output from Sequencer is an Image File Set, which is the only input accepted by the Genesys Signal Generator. DCA also includes sample templates with Sequencer. These sample templates consist of the basic elements required for ATIP (CD-R) and DVD. Sequencer provides the necessary framework to bring your new technology to the marketplace and serves as a valuable addition to the Genesys platform.

Reference Templates may also be purchased from DCA. A reference template contains all necessary elements for Genesys to produce a format. Buying a reference template means you can avoid having to write code for every step of a format, allowing you to work on only the relevant aspects of the design.

DCA can also train your engineers to write or tweak their own templates. Our in-house expertise on format creation, design & adaptation can prepare your engineers to move quickly from pattern ideas to design to implementation.

Finally, DCA can provide custom programming for Sequencer based on your own specification.

Instead of paying for a custom formatter (and waiting for delivery and then paying for all changes to the formatter), the Genesys Signal Generator provides an adaptable signal generator from the very beginning. It allows for the testing of a proof of concept before spending money on dedicated equipment. You can work through different "What if?" permutations with ease.

The Genesys Signal Generator can be integrated with either single or dual beam Laser Beam Recorders as well as advanced E-Beam Recorders. The hardware platform can be configured to support up to four channels between two beams, with industry leading signal quality.

ChannelsUp to 4 channels
Beams Available Up to 4 channels
Beam Modulation Low: -1.5V to 1.5V in approximately 3mV steps
High: 0V to 4.0V in approximately 5mV steps
Trise and Tfall < 1ns per volt (rise or fall)
Beam Deflection 0 to 1.5Vpp without modulation
0 to 3.0Vpp with modulation
LBR Motor Tachometer Output Can drive LBRs with the following Pulse Per Rotation:
250, 360, 525, 1024, 1600, 2000, 2048, 3200, 4000, 4096
LBR Motor Tachometer Voltage Standard TTL output
Pulse Per Rotation Voltage from LBR Standard TTL Levels (Low < 0.8V; High > 2.0V)
Modulation Frequency Up to 100 MHz
Rotation Speed From 2.5 rps to 80 rps
5Mhz Carrier Amplitude 0 to 1.5Vpp (maximum limited to 1x Deflection Vpp)

Once the project is finalized, Genesys can cross the gap from development tool to production until dedicated equipment is finalized. Genesys thus speeds the time to market.

The level of flexibility provided by Genesys means research engineers with specific format needs and requirements have an unprecedented level of control and power during the research and design stage.

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