All replication plants today are facing pressures in the area of cost & error reduction, and many times, they face these pressures without a clear process designed to help in those areas. At the same time, content owners are looking for ways to guarantee their content integrity through the replication chain, including version control. DCA's DiscTag Enabled Workflow resolves issues for both replication facilities & content owners.

Replication operators can find that replica testing & verification becomes as simple as inserting a replica and closing the tray - no more data entry problems, no issues with finding the reference data or checksum, no possibilities of setting up the tester incorrectly. DiscTag Enabled products ensure that everything is set up for the operator and that testing/verification starts automatically.

Content owners can use the DiscTag Enabled Workflow to guarantee that the last minute version change on L1 of their new hot title is exactly what is being used to perform mass replication - in fact, content owners can easily receive title history reports showing the complete chain of custody for that specific version of the title, including testing & verification results.

Since 1988, DCA has always been called upon as the innovation leader when the industry has needed to make leaps forward. Now in its twentieth year, DCA is continuing with solutions both for manufacturing new formats and achieving ever greater efficiency with existing formats.

DiscTag Enabled Workflow forms the heartbeat of DCA's vision for efficient plant management and is composed of several key elements working together:

These elements provide an extremely powerful and flexible method of easily and automatically tracking and verifying each disc/image as it moves throughout the media manufacturing process. Working together, the DiscTag Enabled Workflow elements reduce errors and lower costs for manufacturing pre-recorded media.

The DiscTag components are available either in products from DCA and DiscTag partners, or they can be licensed as a software development kit (SDK) for easy integration for all industry participants.

DiscTag Enabled products are available from:

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