Consulting and Custom Services

When the industry has needed to move forward, DCA has been there, usually one step ahead, prepared with ideas to pull the industry forward. DCA is constantly looking for solutions to customer & industry problems; listening and providing unique & innovative products, services & intellectual property to unlock the possibilities of your ideas.

Some of the areas of DCA's expertise include format creation, custom application development, consulting, plant infrastructure and workflow optimization and IP development.

Format Creation & Extension: DCA has assisted with the creation of DVD, HD DVD, XBOX & UDO formats. We can offer our existing format development tools, such as Genesys, or provide a completely customized solution for end-to-end content delivery.

Custom Application Development: We have built custom applications specific to the content delivery & optical disc industries for several years, and can usually build whatever you need to succeed. Recently, we have provided custom applications, from formatters to secure network authentication mechanisms, for customers ranging from film studios to disc replicators.

Consulting & Plant Infrastructure: Whether you need gigabytes or terabytes of network mastering storage, we will evaluate your requirements and work with you to prepare a report that outlines the resources, features, and plan needed to implement a successful server based solution. After client approval of the report recommendations, we can provide a complete pre-built and tested turnkey solution or we can work with your in-house staff to setup and configure the entire solution. Our consulting group will continue to work with your staff after installation to provide support and to help maintain system equipment and software.

Workflow Optimization: DCA has always led the way in workflow optimization technology, including the development of the world's first common interface mastering system to the industry standard infrastructure foundation, DDP. DCA continues that history of innovation with the DiscTag Enabled Workflow, providing information automation to reduce errors & costs.

IP Development: DCA has assisted numerous companies over the years with the help of its' ever expanding patented and patent pending intellectual property portfolio, including developments in forensic markers, forensic tracking systems, customization to standard formats, anti-piracy and information automation. DCA's stance on their IP portfolio is to license out technology whenever possible, rather than keep our advanced ideas to ourselves. DCA currently offers IP licensing & SDKs for DDP Creation & Verification, DiscTag, HCRC and many more custom operations.

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