About DCA, Inc.

DCA is a global company with over 30 years of experience in CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, and Xbox production. We have been industry leaders in both innovation and performance. Our innovations include high speed mastering, network mastering, multi-session, direct mastering, CAV mastering, DDP, the DiscTag workflow, and Anti-Piracy solutions for all generations of Xbox.

DCA also innovates and leads other industries including File Based Video QC tools, next generation HDD technology involving Bit Patterned Media, professional high capacity optical storage devices and master/mask making from CAD files for semiconductor, solar cell, micro-fluidics and other applications.

Located in Cushing, Oklahoma, USA, DCA continues to be recognized by optical disc manufacturers world-wide and content providers for excellence in its mastering and verification products for optical discs, including copy protected discs as well as mastering and mask making solutions for markets traditionally served by X:Y recording systems.

Where no standards existed, DCA pulled the industry forward. We took the lead in CD verification technology, delivering the first bit-to-bit verifier for CD-ROM discs (DVS) and bit-to-bit verification for stamper and replica players (SVS). Our Commander product creates new opportunities for companies to reduce administrative and performance costs through networked mastering systems. The MIS formatter pioneered advanced clock speeds for CD & DVD mastering, introduced the world to CAV mastering and continues to push the envelope for the best signal quality available in the industry.

Our DiscTag workflow products, including the new trend analysis & search tools, Production Manager & Title Manager, continue the tradition of innovation and provide plants the ability to reduce errors, as well as retrieve & use information about each stage of their process, all automatically, with no external setup or IT costs. DCA Viper was the world's first Blu-ray and HD DVD pre-mastering suite, and today, Viper remains the fastest integrated pre-mastering/encryption system for replicators.

DCA's innovative ideas have become industry standards, including:

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DCA continues in the long tradition of innovation, led by its' management team.

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