Titan Mastering

Titan Mastering

Titan is DCA’s next-generation integrated mastering platform. Our focus was on simplifying the user experience while retaining the advanced flexibility that DCA mastering has been known for. The new toolbar allows you to easily switch between any available formats, without shutting down the application. And that’s only one of the choices available to you, since Titan provides the most choices of any mastering product today.

Choose Your Format: Titan’s toolbar allows operators to queue and switch between any installed format or version. Formatters are available for pre-recorded CD, DVD (including 3X-ROM), Blu-ray and HD DVD. Titan formatters support all major copy protections, including SafeDisc, Ripguard, CSS and AACS, including Media Mark and ROM Mark integration.

Choose Your Hardware: Titan supports either the B1 Encoder or the Pit O’Resc. Existing installations of either board can have software upgraded to Titan.¹

Choose Your Wave Shaping: DCA’s PCS (Pulse Control System) module allows facilities to control pit geometry of the glass master at the LBR – essential for mastering high density formats and reducing the possibility of cross talk. The B1 Encoder supports PCS2e with land and pit edge adjustments up to 1/128 of a T. The Pit O’Resc supports PCS3 with land-pit-land adjustments and multiple amplitude adjustments within runlengths (for creating castle waveforms).

Choose Your Scheduling: Titan can be scheduled or queued either from the local interface or remotely via SCeNT, Viper or Commander Scheduler.²

Choose Your LBR: DCA’s world-class LBR integration & control continues with Titan, including support for LBRs from Singulus, Sony and ODC-Nimbus.

In addition to the new choices, Titan continues to offer the best workflow experience possible with:

DiscTag & HCRC Technology to Reduce Errors: Titan is, of course, DiscTag Enabled. The DiscTag is a unique identifier applied in the content. The unique DiscTag can be used to retrieve metadata information and automatically populate the user interface for your operators. The DiscTag metadata can also aggregate reports from each stage of the replication process for later retrieval.

HCRC (Hierarchal CRC) allows for full sector verification prior to the cut without the need for the original content. This can dramatically reduce the network bandwidth needed to verify high density content in your facility, since an HCRC file takes less than 1% of the original content space.

Since HCRC verification occurs in the stream of data to the formatter board, not only does verification occur prior to data being written out, but the verification process doesn't add any additional time.

HTML Reports: Our most complete mastering report yet. Everything shown from the user interface is captured on the report, and since this same report exists in the DiscTag metadata, you can use the mastering parameters to search for specific titles in the future or capture trends on your mastering activity.³

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¹ B1 and Pit O’Resc hardware is priced differently. Existing Pit O’Resc hardware may require additional software items to work with Titan. Existing B1 Encoders may require a board update to revision B or C.

² SCeNT is a trademark of Singulus Mastering. SCeNT is only available from Singulus Mastering with the purchase of a Singulus LBR.

³ Search activities require Commander Supervisor and trend analysis requires Commander Trends.