Commander Archiver

Commander Archiver

DCA's Commander Archiver is a standalone archiving solution that accepts jobs from a variety of sources, including Viper, Commander Supervisor and Commander Scheduler. It includes standard support for most physical media options, including DLT Tape, CD-R, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/Re and DMD.

DiscTag Workflow Integration
Archiver automatically identifies its' capabilities & devices to other DCA systems on the same network, so you'll never send a job to be archived that the system can't handle.

HCRC verification is built-into Commander Archiver, so you can be sure that your archive matches your Gold Reference, each time, every time. In addition, Archiver labels are stored with the XML metadata, so you can easily retrieve a pick ticket & find physical media in your archive facility.

Robotic support is included in all Commander Archiver systems, so you can burn & print to optical media in an automated environment, saving you time & money. World-class Rimage robots are integrated with Commander Archiver, so you can rely on your archiving solution around the clock.

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