Video System Verifier

Video System Verifier validates Blu-ray or China HD video content.

The DCA Video System Verifier is available in two configurations to validate the video system (Book 3) of either Blu-ray or China HD. Individual streams are analyzed for compliance only to the limits of the video system book for the format.

In the Blu-ray configuration, Video System Verifier supports the Blu-ray Book 3 2.x specification with updates provided for specification changes (with a support agreement). The product supports HDMV mode as well as BD-J content.

For China HD, Video System Verifier supports the HD DVD Book 3 1.x specification with Supplemental Information updates provided (with a support agreement). Video System Verifier is approved by the DVD Forum for use with HD DVD for all categories of discs. It includes support for EVOB and HDi content as well as Full Trust and Restricted Mode (for network/HDi content).

As a standalone verifier, the product is optimized to make a single pass through the video and perform verification in at least real-time speeds (with approved hardware configuration).

Supported input is raw files (HVDVD_TS/ADV_OBJ or BDMV/BD-JO folders), UDF images, and replica discs (including AACS protected media).

It has an easy to use, intuitive interface which requires minimal user training. The application is rule based, which means users can configure which rules will be used for a particular test run. Additionally, a rule based test methodology allows a user to configure the error severity level: abort, error, warning, information, flag.

Video System Verifier displays errors with their location, allowing quick finds and fixes. The exact rule definition from the specification is shown as well.

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